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​What is a Friendship Force Journey?


  • Friendship Force Members around the world travel to other countries or provinces and stay in homes of Friendship Force Members for up to one week per journey

  • club members travel as ambassadors in groups of 10-20 members

  • members develop lasting friendships which fosters goodwill world-wide

  • Ambassadors live in the homes of members of other clubs sharing their living space, eating as they eat, experiencing their daily travails and exchanging hopes and dreams

  • the host club puts together an itinerary to show us their community and culture

  • journeying with Friendship Force will allow you to see the country from a different perspective

  • journeys are often extended with group tours to nearby attractions and/or with personal travel

  • for those not wishing to travel, there are many opportunities for them to enjoy the cultural experience by hosting Ambassadors from other countries, acting as day or dinner hosts when our club is hosting 


    • our members host Ambassadors from the travelling club in our homes

    • we have 2 inbound journeys this year and will be hosting Oregon and Japan


    • our members stay in our hosts' homes

    • our club is travelling to Japan this year




  • Members who prefer to go somewhere else or do more traveling also have the opportunity to travel with other clubs who have room for more ambassadors

  • Members can also join a global journey where a club offers a themed journey and opens it up to members all over the world. e.g. Bicycle tour of French countryside 

  • A new initiative by FFI will allow members to organize individual journeys.  Hosts will offer homestays and members will apply; hosts will decide who comes


FF Journey Catalog

Canadian Undersubscribed Journeys

Members can check either the website for Canadian Clubs or the website for Friendship Force International to find undersubscribed journeys with clubs all over the world

**Travelers must be members of FFI to participate


*See Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about how journeys are planned and organized.




The Statue of Liberty,  New York, 2013

"We come together as strangers, we leave as friends!"

FF Oita, Japan Visit to  FF Manitoba, Aug 2014

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