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About  Friendship Force Manitoba
"A world of friends is a world of peace."


Friendship Force International

  • founded by Wayne Smith and launched President Jimmy Carter in 1977

  • founders envisioned that developing friendship with people of different nations and cultures would contribute to building a more harmonious and peaceful world

  • believed Friendship Force would afford participants a personally exciting and enriching experience through homestay visits


Friendship Force Manitoba​ 

  • chartered in 1997 

  • governed by elected Board of Directors

  • journey as Ambassadors to exciting places such as Australia, Russia, Japan, Ireland, England, Germany, Brazil, Chile, the U.S. and others

  • host ambassadors (Friendship Force members) from countries around the world

  • club members participate in annual Friendship Force International conferences and festivals throughout the world.

  • holds monthly dinner meeting, guests are always welcome; allows current members the opportunity of mixing and mingling

  • affords guests the occasion to learn about Friendship Force and the benefits of belonging to this world-wide organization

  • evening usually combines a mix of 'official business' along with a pre-arranged program that may include a speaker, video or other educational awareness segment.

  • FFMB club newsletter: Keystone Klippings, is published quarterly.

  • Contact for more information


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